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Jewellery Designer Kat Florence collaborates with Gem Hunter Don Kogen to reveal world's most significant Alexandrite Collection to date

Jewellery designer Kat Florence will be releasing her collection of fine Alexandrite gemstones in the coming weeks. Alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones since its discovery in 1834. Found in the Russian Ural Mountains, this stone was named after Tsar Alexander II. Alexandrite became the symbol of the Russian monarchs as it represents the former Tsars by name as well as their colors red and green. Photo: Courtesy Kat Florence. Picture: obs/Rosalita Life

New York (ots|wro) - Jewellery designer Kat Florence, renowned for creating one of a kind pieces for cele-
brities around the globe and working with the rarest gemstones discovered, will finally be releasing her col-
lection of fine Alexandrite gemstones in the coming weeks.

The gemstone Alexandrite is known as one of the rarest gemstones in the world since its discovery in 1834. Found in the Russian Ural Mountains, this stone was named after Tsar Alexander II. Alexandrite became the symbol of the Russian monarchs as it represents the former Tsars by name as well
as by the colors red and green.

Don Kogen known for spectacular gemstone discoveries all over the world, who also produces documentaries for the Discovery Network explains what makes this Kat Florence collection so significant: "It is the incredibly clarity of each stone and their deep colors. Each stone in this collection is a perfectly clean Alexandrite from one of the discovery sites in Russia, Brazil, India or East Africa. Kogen who has made a name for himself as the extreme Gem Hunter, points out that the Alexandrite collection from Kat Florence will probably remain quite unique for a long time to come, as all origin locations have been completely exhausted. There are no current prospecting sites for Alexandrite in the world, making this Kat Florence collection a historical collection for collectors and connoisseurs.

Kat Florence anxiously awaits her legendary Alexandrite collection release, feeling honored she said to be in a position to work with such rare and regal stones. Each of her pieces will hold the legacy of the name and frame a moment in time, becoming modern day heirlooms for the family lucky enough to acquire one.


Kat Florence reveals her 2020 Masterpiece Collection in a reference to extreme Gen Hunter Don Kogen, for 30 years securing the rarest and most precious gemstones worldwide. Photo: Kat Florence. Picture: obs/Rosalita Life

Kat Florence reveals
her 2020 Masterpiece

New York (ots|wro) - After years of working behind the scenes Kat Florence will finally showcase her masterpieces collection in 2020. These extremely valuable gems tell a unique story of commitment and dedication of one of the worlds most recognized Gem Hunters Don Kogen. He and his team were traveling to remote and some-
times even nearly impossible locations for 30 years to secure the rarest and most precious gemstones.

Kat Florence got to work with the renowned Gem Hunter Don Kogen during the famous "Game of Stones" show for Discovery Channel. Don Kogen's introduction to the world's rarest gemstones teamed up with Kat's natural talent and the brand Kat Florence was born.

Kat Florence stated that the masterpiece assortment is one of the finest luxury collections of quality gemstones and will grab a tremendous amount of interest in the largest auction houses. Her luxury collection follows the likes of a 30 carat Unheated Burma Sapphire, 45 carat Unheated Ceylon Yellow Sapphire, 44 carat Unheated Blue Didy Sapphire, 50 carat Paraiba Tourmalines, Old Mine Unoiled Muzo Emeralds, Unheated Blue Ceylon Sapphires, Unheated Kashmir Sapphire's or significant size of Alexandrites plus many other World Record Gemstones.



D-Flawless Diamonds are extremely rare. Demand is high but the market has dried up. Due to a shortage of extremely rare D-Flawless Diamonds celebrity luxury jewelry designer Kat Florence has decided to drop her 2019 collection. Photo: Kat Florence. Picture: obs/Rosalita Life

Kat Florence drops 2019 collection due to shortage of D Flawless Diamonds

New York (ots|wro) - Due to more than a 50% supply drop in D Flawless Diamonds luxury designer Kat Florence has announced she will discontinue her very popular 2019 collections as well her previous diamond collections.

It is the most perfect diamond nature ever created: The D Flawless Diamond, with its purest white and clarity. Even under a micros-
cope, no impurities can be detected, neither inside the diamond nor outside. Only one in a million diamonds shows this perfection and achieves the royal rank of the perfect D Flawless. No wonder that these diamonds are among the most sought-after gemstones in the world. While the worldwide demand for the rare stones is increa-
sing, fewer and fewer D-Flawless diamonds can be found on the market.

Kat Florence stated that she has her buying team aggressively looking at all sustainable opportunities. She is even going as far as buying rough diamonds to resolve the issue.

The collections being discontinued are the bestselling Nature, SJP and her 2019 Lily collections, Kat Explained until supply is resolved all D Flawless Diamonds will be used for her one of a kind masterpiece that are sold to very special collectors, celebrities and at main auction houses.

As Fine Art Connoisseurs collect masterpieces, Jewelry collectors are seeking the finest gems produced by Mother Nature - the gems that always increase their value in the long term.

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